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Secure Migration of Highly Sensitive and Encrypted Data from AWS to Google Cloud Using Transfer General™


This use case exemplifies how Transfer General™ provides a robust and secure solution for organizations with critical requirements: migrating highly sensitive and encrypted data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud. Transfer General™ ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and high-speed transfer of large volumes of data, making it the preferred choice for businesses that demand the utmost security and compliance during migration.

Use Case Scenario: Secure Data Migration for Highly Sensitive Data


"SecureCorp" is a healthcare organization dealing with extensive patient records and medical data. It requires a reliable method to migrate this highly sensitive information from AWS to Google Cloud while adhering to strict compliance regulations and maintaining data encryption throughout the entire migration process.


  1. Data Security: Safeguarding the confidentiality of sensitive medical records during the migration process.
  2. Large Data Volume: Efficiently migrating a substantial amount of patient data without prolonged downtime.
  3. **Continuous Encryption: **Ensuring data remains encrypted at all times, even during the transfer between cloud platforms.


Transfer General™ addresses SecureCorp's challenges effectively:

  1. **Data Encryption: **Transfer General™ encrypts data at the source and maintains encryption during the entire migration journey, ensuring the utmost data confidentiality.
  2. High-Speed Transfer: The solution leverages a private, point-to-point network, achieving speeds of up to 10 Gbps, ideal for transferring large volumes of data swiftly.
  3. **Data Integrity: **Transfer General™ implements data integrity checks, assuring that data remains intact and unaltered during the migration process.

Use Case Steps:

  1. Preparation:
    • SecureCorp obtains Transfer General™ licenses for both Transfer General Main (TGM) and Transfer General Remote (TGR).
    • TGM is deployed within SecureCorp's AWS environment, while TGR is set up within their Google Cloud project.
  2. Configuration and Setup:
    • TGM and TGR instances are configured based on provided guidelines, including SSH key setup and user roles.
    • The TGM is deployed next to the source of the data within AWS so data can be easily ingested into the TGM using NFS/SAMBA/SFTP.
    • The TGM encrypts data as it is being ingested before storing it onto the disk.
    • Only SecureCorp knows the passphrase that is needed to reconstitute the actual data encryption key.
    • Transfer General staff configures a point-to-point connection between the TGM and the TGR.
  3. Data Migration Initiation:
    • SecureCorp logs into the TGM dashboard and commences the migration process.
    • The TGM uses TGR’s net 10 address to transfer data from AWS to Google. This means that egress charges are highly reduced.
    • All data that is being migrated has been encrypted using the AES algorithm. This way a malicious administrator can not view/alter the data while it is traveling over their network.
  4. Data Integrity and Compliance:
    • Robust data integrity checks ensure the accuracy and completeness of the migrated medical records.
    • Data remains encrypted at all times, complying with regulatory requirements.
  5. Migration Monitoring and Assurance:
    • SecureCorp closely monitors the migration progress through Google’s dashboard, receiving real-time updates and comprehensive reports.
    • The assurance of continuous encryption and data integrity provides peace of mind throughout the migration process.


Transfer General™ empowers SecureCorp to securely migrate a vast amount of highly sensitive and encrypted medical data from AWS to Google Cloud. By guaranteeing data security, integrity, and compliance, Transfer General™ enables SecureCorp to seamlessly perform the migration while maintaining data confidentiality and adherence to strict industry regulations. This use case underscores Transfer General™ as the premier solution for organizations seeking a secure and efficient method to migrate large volumes of encrypted sensitive data across cloud platforms.

[Note: This use case is fictional and intended for illustrative purposes.]