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Secure Data Distribution with Transfer General™

Empower Secure Data Sharing with Cryptography

In today's data-driven landscape, securely sharing highly sensitive information is paramount. Transfer General™ (TG) introduces a revolutionary approach to data distribution, leveraging state-of-the-art cryptography to enable organizations to share confidential data with partners, all while maintaining absolute control and compliance. Whether you need to share regulated data on a routine basis, distribute large datasets securely, or ensure data integrity during transmission, Transfer General™ is your trusted solution.

The Challenge: Sharing Sensitive Data Effectively

The challenges of sharing large volumes of data and maintaining data security are real. Traditional methods strain corporate bandwidth and expose data to vulnerabilities. Moreover, conventional sharing practices often lead to loss of data control and potential breaches. However, Transfer General™ turns these challenges into opportunities for enhanced security and streamlined operations.

Empowering Data Owners with Uncompromised Security

Transfer General™ takes data security to the next level by employing advanced cryptography. Data encryption occurs at the source, rendering your sensitive information secure from the very outset. This approach of encrypting data ensures that your data remains safeguarded at every stage of its journey, whether it's stored in public storage or transmitted through clear communication channels. Data owners exclusively retain control over the encryption keys, providing them with ultimate authority over data access and distribution.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Efficient Data Sharing: Transfer General™ harnesses the capabilities of public cloud storage to facilitate data distribution without straining corporate bandwidth. Encrypted data is uploaded to a designated cloud storage bucket using a point-to-point network.
  2. High-Speed Uploads: Capitalize on Transfer General™'s lightning-fast capabilities, uploading encrypted data into a Google storage bucket at speeds reaching up to 10GBps. This rapid upload ensures that your data reaches its destination swiftly and efficiently.
  3. Complete Data Control: Data owners maintain unwavering control over data encryption keys. This control extends to data stored within partner networks, providing a robust shield against potential liability and ensuring steadfast compliance.
  4. Stringent Privacy Regulation Compliance: By encrypting data prior to sharing, Transfer General™ offers a proactive solution for organizations striving to meet rigorous data privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. This becomes particularly crucial when sharing data across geographical boundaries.
  5. Enhanced Data Distribution: In scenarios where highly sensitive large datasets need sharing, Transfer General™ employs a strategic point-to-point connection to upload data once into a secure Google storage bucket. This approach ensures optimum data protection and control for your organization.
  6. Seamless Integration: Transfer General Main (TGM) is seamlessly integrated within your network, while Transfer General Remote (TGR) resides in partner locations. TGM initiates encryption upon data ingestion, while TGR ensures decryption upon data arrival, guaranteeing a secure and efficient distribution process.
  7. Granular Access Control: The data owner exercises centralized control over all remote Transfer General instances. Through secure key rotation, data access can be granted or denied remotely, even without direct network access to the remote device.

Use Case: Elevating Research Data Distribution

Consider an organization that routinely shares highly sensitive research data with partner institutions. Transfer General™ emerges as the ideal solution, encrypting data at the source, uploading it securely to a designated cloud storage bucket, and distributing it seamlessly to multiple partners. Data integrity and security remain uncompromised, while compliance with privacy regulations is effortlessly upheld.

Choose Transfer General™ for Unparalleled Data Distribution

If your organization demands secure and compliant data sharing, Transfer General™ is your ultimate ally. Bid farewell to data breaches, bandwidth constraints, and intricate VPN setups. With Transfer General™, you empower data owners, streamline data distribution, and fortify the security of your sensitive information.

Reach out to us today to explore how Transfer General™ can revolutionize your data distribution endeavors, ensuring the highest echelons of data security and control.