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Secure Data Archival Solution for Data Center Customers


Datacenter customers operating in security-conscious industries require a robust and secure solution for archiving sensitive data, including databases and file data. Transfer General provides a unique data archival approach that combines on-premises encryption, seamless database integration, and secure archival with Google Cloud Storage, making it an ideal choice for data center customers seeking enhanced security and compliance.


Datacenter customers need to securely archive large volumes of sensitive data while maintaining compliance with industry regulations. Security concerns often deter these customers from using public cloud storage solutions, necessitating an alternative approach that ensures data confidentiality and integrity.

Solution: Transfer General as Secure Data Archival:

Transfer General offers a comprehensive and secure data archival solution that addresses the specific needs of data center customers while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. Leveraging Transfer General for data archival provides the following key benefits:

  1. On-Premises Encryption:
  2. Datacenter customers can encrypt their data on-premises before archival, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected throughout the archival process. This approach mitigates security concerns associated with transmitting data over public networks.
  3. Database Archival Support:
  4. Transfer General seamlessly integrates with MySQL and PostgreSQL database clusters. By deploying TG-MySQL or TG-PostgreSQL as additional replicas within the existing cluster, customers can achieve secure and non-disruptive data archival.
  5. Effortless Replication:
  6. Transfer General's database integration allows for efficient replication of data within the existing cluster. Once replication is complete, the encrypted backup is ready to be securely pushed to Google Cloud Storage.
  7. On-Demand or Scheduled Archival:
  8. Datacenter customers have the flexibility to initiate data archival on-demand or schedule periodic archives, such as every 24 hours. This ensures the timely and efficient transfer of data to the secure Google Cloud Storage repository.
  9. Secure Archival to Google Cloud Storage:
  10. Transfer General exclusively utilizes Google Cloud Storage for data archival, ensuring a trusted and secure repository for archived data. This integration simplifies archival workflows and enhances data accessibility.
  11. Data Integrity and Compliance:
  12. Transfer General's robust encryption and secure archival process ensures data integrity and compliance with industry regulations, providing data center customers with peace of mind.

Use Case Scenario:

A data center customer managing a sensitive database environment seeks a secure data archival solution:

  1. Database Integration:
  2. The customer deploys TG-MySQL or TG-PostgreSQL as an additional slave within their existing database cluster.
  3. Data Encryption:
  4. Sensitive database data is encrypted on-premises using Transfer General's encryption capabilities, safeguarding data confidentiality.
  5. On-Demand or Scheduled Archival:
  6. The customer chooses to initiate an on-demand archival or schedules periodic archives, such as every 24 hours, based on their specific data management needs.
  7. Seamless Replication:
  8. Transfer General facilitates smooth data replication within the database cluster, ensuring archival readiness.
  9. Google Cloud Storage Integration:
  10. Once replication is complete, the encrypted database backup is securely pushed to Google Cloud Storage using Transfer General's integration.
  11. Data Center Management:
  12. Data center administrators monitor and manage the archival process through Transfer General's user-friendly interface, ensuring data integrity and compliance.


Transfer General's unique data archival approach addresses data center customers' security and compliance concerns by offering on-premises encryption, seamless database integration, secure archival to Google Cloud Storage, and the flexibility of on-demand or scheduled archival. By deploying Transfer General as their archival solution, data center customers can confidently archive sensitive data while maintaining control over security and meeting regulatory requirements.

[Note: This use case is fictional and intended for illustrative purposes.]